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Behind the Pennsylvania Hotel

Construction and restoration are going on inside the Pennsylvania Hotel right now.

Behind the Pennsylvania Hotel

A worker in the alley behind the hotel

Just across from the action, one of the boxes for used needles blends in with graffiti now that it has been bent over. The city has placed these needle boxes throughout the alleys in the Downtown Eastside.

Needle box in alley

Needle box in laneway off Carrall, between Pender and Hastings


Great New Workplace Concept

I'd been excited to read in the NYTimes about the flourishing of writers' working spaces. The perfect concept. And a version of this has come to Vancouver, but it's not limited only to writers. Here on Carrall, check out Workspace.

Sounds terrific for all the work-from-home types who need to actually have a real physical workspace. I was talking with a Gastown designer about just that problem: how to get away from work. And then there is the opposite – how to get down to work when you work from home, a situation that 43 folders can help with to a certain extent. But what about the reality of our need for others? Or at the very least, another space? Workspace seems to solve that. The meeting room situation at Workspace looks great too.

Here on Carrall Street, and throughout Gastown, there are so many live/work spaces. Not just the "artist's lofts" but more and more wired home-office workspaces. Beehive has replaced rat race. When I check for my wireless network, I see 11 visible password-protected networks listed on the popup window. Vibrational density – there's a lot of unseen action down here. And lots of interesting work being done.