Hyper-Local on Carrall Street

Update September 2008

The Carrall Street Journal has been an on and off activity for me. My original ideas for it, 2.5 years ago were a little bit out of scope. Now I see it simply as a vehicle for my own personal expression of life here in Gastown/DTES. It is a very personal hyper-local blog, a place-based personal log of my observations. (Not of my own life, that I put in my blog.)

This Journal still isn’t a commercial vehicle – no ads here on wordpress.com. I originally just put some of the businesses etc. that were on the street into the blogroll.


One response to “Hyper-Local on Carrall Street

  1. Had the BEST experience last week! As part of a contest my business is running, in which contestants choose a habit to change for the month of April that will result in increased money in their savings accounts, I’ve given up the classic lattes, plus eating lunches out unless for business purposes. Rather than adding to my savings accounts though, I’m opting to give money to people on the street .

    So the other evening this guy who is young but clearly has been outside over the winter, approached and didn’t ask for spare change, but if I could buy him some food at the local mini-market! I’ve NEVER been asked that before.

    So off we went to Glory FoodMarket (on Carroll, across from Blakes) together, and he wanted some granola cereal (the largest box, note) and some 2% milk. For a treat, he also got himself a little jug of strawberry flavoured milk (I had offered a chocolate bar). It came to $12, about what I’ve saved in this week so far.

    It soooo made giving up the longed-for lattes absolutely worth it. I’ll go to bed smiling. And hoping he found shelter – he needed $10 for one of those cheap hotel rooms (I had no cash).

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