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Burnt Out Restaurant? Sure Fooled Me!

restaurant burn

Driving on the new Greenway part of Carrall Street I was shocked to see a group of people milling around this old burnt out restaurant. How could it have flash burned so fast, and why hadn’t I even noticed it before? Well, the truth is this is a set for a movie, Lionsgate Films, The Eye. That’s why I hadn’t seen it before. It was purpose built in the Jack Chow Insurance parking area, and was removed as quickly as it appeared.


Creative Reworking of the Old Telus Box

This Telus box near the bus stop on Carrall and Cordova has been a real eyesore and a problem in the area, as in the past it was a place where dealers and users would congregate. All kinds of things went on between that box and the building behind it. The people at the new Irezumi Tattoo shop had the idea to make this box less of a graffiti-covered eyesore, and arranged with Telus permission to cover the box with a graphic of their own design. It’s totally in keeping with the feel of the street so how could it invite graffiti? Fantastic! Kudos to Irezumi Tattoo!


August Weekends: Events on Carrall

August weekends featured festivals and events on Carrall Street.

In early August the canopies covered the intersection of Carrall and Hastings for the Insite event at Pigeon Park, with bands headlined by the venerable DOA.

Then the next weekend was the Chinatown festival, and people were walking along carrying their clay pots on cardboard squares, or lining up to go to the gambling booths and kiosks. Spilling over from the regular Night Market set up, people walked through Sun Yat Sen Park and out the alley by the Garden entrance, into Carrall.

Then this past weekend in Gastown saw the Motorcycle Show and Shine. Weather cooperated as again the street was filled with parked motorcycles all on display.

And coming up we will see the annual Gastown Concours D’elegance, Saturday September 1st.

motorcycles on Carrall

Motorcycles lined up on display along Carrall