Had a surreal experience.  Was walking in the pouring rain along Carrall street this afternoon, and a small crowd of kids were clustered under an awning, trying to shelter themselves from the rain.  As I walked by, it looked like one late-teens kid was showing the others a gun.  I wasn’t about to slow down, and the whole thing took a moment to sink in, partly because the gun looked, well, like a toy!  And maybe (please, God) it was – looked chubby, and chrome.  I realized in all my life I’ve never actually seen a real gun, and feel kind of naive.  Didn’t call the police, as I couldn’t recall the kids at all, and also, would feel dumb saying, “uh … I think I saw a gun … but it looked like a toy…”.  Anyways, hope those kids lose the gun, and keep themselves, and others safe.


One response to “Gun?

  1. Thanks for this guest posting. We know that there are guns on Carrall, from the shootings that had occurred in the past few years at the old Purple Onion and the other club – both not functioning anymore. We also know that there are some fairly “experienced” guys out there who have done time and who are now back on the street, “back on the corner” as the Mose Alison song says. So much intensity and contrast all in one small area of the city.

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