Monthly Archives: June 2007


Had a surreal experience.  Was walking in the pouring rain along Carrall street this afternoon, and a small crowd of kids were clustered under an awning, trying to shelter themselves from the rain.  As I walked by, it looked like one late-teens kid was showing the others a gun.  I wasn’t about to slow down, and the whole thing took a moment to sink in, partly because the gun looked, well, like a toy!  And maybe (please, God) it was – looked chubby, and chrome.  I realized in all my life I’ve never actually seen a real gun, and feel kind of naive.  Didn’t call the police, as I couldn’t recall the kids at all, and also, would feel dumb saying, “uh … I think I saw a gun … but it looked like a toy…”.  Anyways, hope those kids lose the gun, and keep themselves, and others safe.