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Stewardship Group Meets Next Week

It’s been quite a while since the last meeting of the Carrall Street Stewardship group, so I’m curious to see how it will be evolving. Since its inception, the Greenway plans have been put in place with a great deal of community involvement from a wide variety of stakeholders. Now greenway construction has begun, and we can see many visible changes on the street. What will the new role of stewardship group be?

The Ranier Hotel is currently being renovated, and there are refuse containers parked in front of the old Limerick Junction location. They closed down, and the former Brickyard sign is now visible, but the entire building is being redone. Rumour has it that the SRO (sorry I mean SRA) status is still in place in this building. For lease signs are up on every window of the old Video Monster location, but that will soon become a site of major heritage reconstruction, with condos above (sharing the old Pig and Whistle site) and restaurant below. We aren’t sure when construction will actually begin there and wonder if it will be coordinated in some way with the greenway construction. Or will we get one set of construction (digging, road blocks, noise, disruption) for the greenway, then another for the building (digging, road blocks, noise, disruption – for the underground infrastructure)? According to Murphy’s Law of course it will be two, and maybe more. One for sewer, one for power, one for high-speed …. each a different crew, a different time?


Another part of the City’s Carrall Street Greenway site that is definitely worth a peek is their great interactive buildings inventory page. Mousing over the map reveals a photo of the building along with some current and historical information on it. Click on this page image to explore it for yourself.

buildings inventory

History of Carrall Street

The City of Vancouver has made a truly comprehensive site on the Carrall Street Greenway initiative. The first page of their History section has wonderful nuggets of information that anyone interested in this part of Vancouver will be fascinated to read. To go there, just click on the page image below:

Carrall History Page