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Crime on Carrall

Today’s Vancouver Province reported: “A man was in critical condition in hospital last night after he was robbed and almost beaten to death by two men at Carrall and Hastings early Sunday. Witnesses found the man, who had fallen backwards during the beating and hit his head on the ground. His name was not released.”

In an unrelated event, early this afternoon the police were all around Carrall and Cordova – around 9 vehicles – some unmarked. Everyone was looking to see what was going on but I have no idea – it looked big. One officer was seen returning to his car after removing his automatic weapon from across his shoulder.


New Banners for Gastown

Check out the new Gastown banners, bright and not so soot-covered as the last ones had become over time. The blue looks great. And speaking of colour, the Bodega building has been tarted up for a film shoot. Instead of the expanse of black, sophisticated as it was, we now have the variety of red, yellow, looking like some other older part of some other different town altogether. Illusion.

But where is Hunt and Gather? I hope not gone forever, but fear it may be so – the place was empty well before the film shoot a few days ago.

Prime Time Chicken’s been back open all summer, with their photo of soft ice cream in the window; but the Prime Time Spot is still closed.

Video Monster is open now on the corner of Carrall and Cordova, with the summer patio it looks active and lively.

I’ve been meaning to mention the great No Homes No Peace sign that stands on the roof just past the West Hotel. It’s always visible on the skyline as you go north on Cordova, at around the Keefer intersection. I hope it stays up for a very long time, a timely message.

Write for the Carrall Street Journal

Note from Carol Sill

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Looks like we have new Gastown banners up in the Gastown portion of the street, and as usual there is tons of activity with the summer tourists etc. The trees are all in the August fullness. So much has happened here that I haven’t mentioned, like the Tour de Gastown was again turning along Carrall – from Cordova to Water, with the speakers and haybales and clusters of fans.

And of course the heat. True summer in the city. Makes CRAB park all the more valuable, a little jewel of a park. You can see it from Carrall but can’t get there unless you go across the bridge at Main. Water, views, space, green. Oasis in the hot summer evenings.

Legalize Pot protest on Carrall/Water

Apparently it happens every 5 years: a rag-tag, pretty-darn-fun protest, asking (?) Canada to legalize pot.

When I first saw the event summer 2001, same location, things were different.  For one thing, at least 5, maybe as many as 10, V.Police were lingering and watching.  This year?  Not a uniform to be seen, all day, that I could tell.

Last time:  no particular audience.  This year:  a healthy patio of tourists (thanks to Chill Winston, a terrific new restaurant on the intersection), some of whom took photos on their Treos.

Last time:  my reaction was astonishment that this kinda stuff happened.

This time: my reaction is, ‘good on ‘ya’ … and I only wish pot users were the only things we needed to be concerned about.  With the numbers of young men and women (and by that I mean 16 – 30, I guess) who are so $(*#’d up by devastating drugs, it would be laughable to devote any public resources towards monitoring a pro-marijuana protest.