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Progress of Spring

After being away for a few weeks in March, I returned to Carrall Street to see evidence of the progress of spring. The trees are all red with bud/blossoms, and there is more construction down by Pender Street. The Terminus development now has their sales office open, very minimalist. The garden in the Van Horne courtyard is showing daffodils, and in the park by Expo Boulevard the willow tree is greening. People are walking outside without coats.

The other night we walked over to Video Monster for their 7pm show for members, sat in comfy retromodern chairs and ate popcorn while watching Capote.

I wonder when Prime Time Chicken will open again, or if it will ever will. I'm just not sure if their "closed for renovations" sign is for real. Over the past few years, the crows have taken the chicken bones all over the place!


Sustainability Ideas Forum

From the invitation:


As many of you are aware, the City of Vancouver is developing a multi-purpose greenway along Carrall Street to better connect Chinatown, the Downtown Eastside and Gastown neighbourhoods, link the False Creek seawall to the future Burrard Inlet seawall, and to create new opportunities for community revitalization. With Council approval granted in 2005, construction is expected to start later this year.


The Carrall Street Greenway represents a great opportunity for the community renewal and neighbourhood building. The forum will provide a venue for residents, business owners, community groups, property owners, city staff and others to explore and discuss new opportunities for social enterprises, small businesses, public art, community events and environmental features along the greenway. With facilitated small group discussion tables and presentations on some related initiatives in the area, some of the questions the forum will explore include:

How can the greenway support new and emerging social enterprises?
How can existing businesses along the greenway better support one another?
What kinds of public art should be included along the greenway and where?
What kind of exciting and innovative community uses and events could the street support?
How could you, your organization or your business contribute to making the Carrall Street Greenway a model for sustainability and dynamic community revitalization?

Sponsored by the Carrall Street Greenway Stewardship Group and the City of Vancouver.

If you were able to attend this event at Centre A on Tuesday March 7th, please add your comments after this post.

Your Comments

This space is now open for any of your comments on the upcoming changes to Carrall Street, or any links you feel we should be aware of.

Spring Banners

Spring Banners, originally uploaded by Carol Sill.